Three easy steps to repair genuine Gucci watch

Gucci is a leading name that produces pure leather products and a luxury line of watches. Each of their genuine goods bear designer label etched with such precision that one can easily spot counterfeited products upon careful analysis. The Italian fashion brand is acclaimed by aficionados around the world and even those who aren’t fashion savvy.

  1. Web search

Visit official Gucci website and check store for a complete list. Browser may ask using your current location for accurate results so don’t hesitate to mention. Being official website, your information is secure though, always run a web-scan from your anti-virus software for 100 percent reliability.

If local stores aren’t displayed in the list, choose “country” from drop-down menu or simply type your city name in “search” tab. Lest you’re not getting the desired results, visit local jewelry store that stocks Gucci wristwatches but make sure they’re authorized dealers and repairs.

  1. Make use of guarantee card

If warranty of your watch is still active, don’t waste further time in consideration. Take the piece to genuine outlet or authorized dealers for free or discounted repairs cost. Depending on nature of the issue, your watch may be fixed and delivered within a day or two. If that isn’t so, it’s probably dispatched to manufacturer’s end. They’re likely to charge a smaller amount and estimate repair time.

  1. Insured mail as a substitute

You can also ship the timepiece to closest repair centre through insured mail. Provide details such as nature of problems, warranty, your contact information and original sales receipt. The company would first perform an analysis over damage and provide a detailed report on repairs and estimated cost.


Whether its Gucci watches or any other luxury brand, make sure you buy and repair from genuine store or authorized dealer.

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