Blue v/s green screen: A general comparison

When dealing with non-linear editors, compositors and digital footage, green is the best choice and benefits even surpass those of blue screen. The primary reason for using green is because of shade that’s way-apart from human flesh tone. Cameras also use a specific “light capturing technology” to sample light and colours. Different samples or experiments revealed green is much better as compared to its counter primary tints; blue and red. Whenever transmission of colour data and storage is concerned, this has always been a limited factor.

Colour sampling
With professional cameras that give a single HD-SDI signal, transmitted colour structure is often called 4:2:2. The digits indicate luminance is sampled 4 times and as for counter colour components, count is twice. Digital green is visibly brighter as compared to digital blue and more intense than chroma green. It’s not just green but luminance as well and combined features ultimately give enhanced video and photography effects with colour sampling.

Considerations with blue & green
Several aspects must be considered when deciding on blue or green chroma key backdrop. Check out below for helpful tips and details.

  • Don’t use similar shade as that of subject

Keep in mind that wearing the same colour, be it green or blue; would remove everything from the photo or video after processing. This is an excellent solution when it comes to special floating effects such as flying, jumping or using special telekinetic powers so on.

  • Time of the day matters

When shooting at daytime, green screen is most effective whereas blue is preferred for shots after dark. Leftover green that you aren’t able to eliminate would blend evenly into day shots while remaining are prominent against blue.

  • Space behind the subject

Being bright, green has a propensity to “drop” over the subject and with limited space between subject and green screen; edges of the specimen especially hairs are removed.

Beyond green & blue screen
There’re times when human body/skin isn’t exposed such as underwater shooting; green and blue screen won’t work here. Digital red is used as a perfect alternative but pose same challenges as with blue.

Both, green and blue screen chroma key backgrounds are used during filming plus photography. It helps removing similar hue from over the subject in post production while integrates well into different surroundings. Go for green screen rental in Dubai and step into the broader world of film and photography.

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