Five Essentials of buying Corporate Gifts

  Gift giving is an old tradition that has been practiced across the world since ancient times. It is a blessing that helps to strengthen the bond between the two, the sender and the receiver, after nurturing positive feelings and thoughts among them. Usually presents are exchanged on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and successful achievements. After observing the positive impact of this activity, corporates started practicing this trend not only to reward their employees, but to also show their gratitude for their clients and business associates. Although, there are…

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Technology harnessed by companies during recruitment & selection

The tech revolution seems to have a profound impact on recruitment and selection process thus making it easier and productive. Recruitment companies that move abreast with latest technology allow them to streamline hiring procedure while presenting more options to candidates seeking employment. Adapting the latest tech eventually lands hundreds to thousands of resumes per week so one needs to organise them as well. Take a look as we define how organisations achieve the ultimate goal using computerised recruitment and selection elements. Internet job boards/portals With internet came the era of…

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Four key advantages of green screen background in web video production

With a pool of readily-available technology on video market, digital marketing agencies and companies no longer need to spend thousands for studio fee. Being crucial components of video production, HD cameras and lighting equipment today are far more affordable than ever. Yet another inexpensive tool that helps achieve wonders is green screen. Green screens earlier were associated mainly with big movie studios and high budget production. Thanks to technology, user-friendly editing software and cheap materials, these are now easily available to general public for maximum creativity. If you want your…

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When to consider managed hosting

managed hosting

Increasing complexities of network and devices along with rising energy and bandwidth requirements significantly escalated the need of more manpower to manage these system components to support smooth operations. When it comes to deciding what strategy you should use to support flawless performance, you will end up listing three options. Either you choose do-it-yourself (DIY) i.e. in-house or you can choose among cloud and dedicated hosting. Among them all, DIY puts extra burden on business owner, as the company is liable to provide complete hardware, manpower and space to establish…

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A look at wristwatch cogs


Horology; being the art of time measurement, is a decade old practice associated with watch manufacture. The finished product that we fasten around wrist comprises hundreds of sophisticated parts, making the watch operational. Striking a balance between mechanical pieces and transferable energy is important be it an inexpensive winding mechanism or highly luxurious pieces. Check below for various wristwatch cogs! Mainspring Mainspring is the primary source that powers up the watch. It moves hands that effectively tell you the time. Mainspring is a tiny, spiral coil that turns the rotating…

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How to Set Goals in Life

A person always thinks about a way to find himself a particular path that will lead him to his goal. Because sometimes it happens that people are so involved in their everyday life that they forget to focus on their aim. They are not pretty sure of who they are and what they should do with their lives. For instance a teenager will never think about what he should do with his life, He will never think about the long term because they are so much into their lives that…

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