A look at wristwatch cogs


Horology; being the art of time measurement, is a decade old practice associated with watch manufacture. The finished product that we fasten around wrist comprises hundreds of sophisticated parts, making the watch operational. Striking a balance between mechanical pieces and transferable energy is important be it an inexpensive winding mechanism or highly luxurious pieces. Check below for various wristwatch cogs!


Mainspring is the primary source that powers up the watch. It moves hands that effectively tell you the time. Mainspring is a tiny, spiral coil that turns the rotating crown on watch’s side. While winding the piece, you’ve to turn the crown carefully as over winding may damage watch functions or simply relay inaccurate time. Mainspring often juts at the bezel side allowing wearers to power-up the timepiece and usually crafted from solid steel.

The balance wheel

Balance wheel enables the watch to keep time. It can rotate back and forth, allowing gears inside to move with each rotation and precisely. Balance wheel is made from part iron and copper metal alloy whereas integrated within kitchen timers, volts, table and wall clocks. Depending on skills and quality of manufacturer, a balance wheel’s precision may vary. Apparently, the more expensive the watch, more accurate would be the balance wheel. Though most timepieces today are battery powered; kinetic watches still boast the mechanism.

The gear train

Gear train is what transfer energy from mainspring to the balance wheel thus speeding rotation. It also functions other cogs as well such as activating movement of seconds, minutes and hours. Gear train is a primary component of analogue watches but not digital versions as they’re battery powered and boast LCD display.

The oscillation weight & winding stem

Both oscillation weight and winding stem are winding mechanism of manual wristwatches. The only difference is in their application like winding stem is used in manual whereas self-winding watches are equipped with oscillation weight.


It’s good to know about the cogs whenever buying Longines Watches or any other luxury watch brand.

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