Four key advantages of green screen background in web video production

With a pool of readily-available technology on video market, digital marketing agencies and companies no longer need to spend thousands for studio fee. Being crucial components of video production, HD cameras and lighting equipment today are far more affordable than ever. Yet another inexpensive tool that helps achieve wonders is green screen.

Green screens earlier were associated mainly with big movie studios and high budget production. Thanks to technology, user-friendly editing software and cheap materials, these are now easily available to general public for maximum creativity. If you want your videos to be on the next level, check out some unique and interesting ways to utilise green screen at best.

  1. Professional backgrounds is no longer a headache

You may have lighting and camera gear but not a professional studio. With green screen background, it’s like having a full-fledged studio on-the-go to add clean and professional background for videos. Green screens go beyond superimposing complex and interesting backgrounds but one can create a pure white backdrop for corporate videos.

All of this is possible with video editing tool known as Chroma Key that allow to replace the original green colour with almost anything. What does that mean? Well, a business or company using portable green screen can easily remove unprofessional or clunky backgrounds for maximum accuracy.

  1. Different locations are now at your fingertips

Interactive and creative content creators would find it most interesting as they can come-up with outstanding skits or any other video easily. It’s more useful when adding different locations that, in early years would eat most of your budget over travel. From Sydney Opera House to Mexican beaches or atop Burj Khalifa, you can be anywhere, anytime with careful editing. Whether background looks original or phoney, it’s quite fun trying!

  1. For branding

Incorporating company logo to a background is biggest advantage for different companies. It makes a video look cleaner, professional and more accurate. Product and brand is likely to get more credibility that would eventually bring more profit.

  1. Easy setup

Green screen and relevant equipment is rather flexible, there’s no need to worry about prolonged and complex setup. Just within a few minutes or an hour, you can have a fully professional studio or why not rent a green screen like everyone else; it’s both lucrative and productive!


Using green screen for video production is a smart choice especially today where competition is ever high and we know why with benefits as mentioned above.

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