Technology harnessed by companies during recruitment & selection

The tech revolution seems to have a profound impact on recruitment and selection process thus making it easier and productive. Recruitment companies that move abreast with latest technology allow them to streamline hiring procedure while presenting more options to candidates seeking employment. Adapting the latest tech eventually lands hundreds to thousands of resumes per week so one needs to organise them as well. Take a look as we define how organisations achieve the ultimate goal using computerised recruitment and selection elements.

Internet job boards/portals

With internet came the era of online job portals allowing potential candidates to approach global companies on just a click! You can find thousands of vacancies in different organisations on basis of genre, designation and nature of work such as android developer, lead web designer, SEO analyst, writer and editor so on. You can easily publish online resume’ using the website’s CV builder or simply upload yours. Carefully read the description and then apply or you’ll be marked as spammer by many.

Today, there’re thousands of online job portals such as Ultimate HR Solutions, Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Indeed and Flipdog are renowned. You’re likely to find a promising career on one of these boards. Meanwhile, social media websites especially LinkedIn is the rage nowadays on which you can approach a wide network of job hunters and individual companies as well. Website allows you to create online resume’ that’s viewed by employers for their firm!

Other resources are EngCen, Dice, NetTemps and many other cater industry specific listings such as administrative, engineering, IT, creative marketing so on. Once you upload the resume’, it’s forwarded to desired employer who’ll process the application.

Resume archives & applicant tracking

Resume’ databases help organisations to streamline recruitment and selection that can be done via web-enabled or installable software. All incoming applications are directed to specific folders so you don’t need to sift around the entire system for hours or reading one application thrice. Queries like salary expectations, academic requisites, keywords and time of submission helps narrow employer’s research.

Meanwhile, you can utilise the software to track potential candidates as well for available vacancies if they’re reopened after sometime. You can even automate interview and email forwarding task thus saving time and money in contrast to traditional method.

Online test & evaluation

In-order to assess candidate’s skills and persona, online test and evaluation scheme provides ultimate solution. Neatly designed by expert recruiters, psychologists and software developers, online evaluation allow companies to screen and pick the best candidate for available vacancy. The system can be tailored to meet company standards and job nature. Successful applicants are further scheduled for interview before finalizing the decision.

The combined technology & how to choose one for your organization

There exists such technology that amalgamates various tasks hence simplifying them for easy selection. Such programs automatically accept/reject a resume’ based on accuracy and whether it fits the job or not. Indeed, software and tech requisite is costly, carefully settle on the budget before you begin or else it’ll be considered ineffective.


Do remember that technical glitches are common so relying solely on the technology is a path to failure. Train and educate present staff on how to use the technology or else there’s no use to invest heavily. If you’re one of many recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, be sure to adapt the latest technology while being aloof to glitches.

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