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Be it for vacation, retreat from usual humdrum, as secondary homes or for rent; beach homes provides a luxurious lifestyle with a tinge of outdoor aesthetics. Houses built along the coast have typical features such as sun decks, porches extending all the way out to water, exterior rooms and piers so on. We categories beach houses as waterfront or coastal homes ranging from single-story cottages to multi-story modern nooks.

Stilt, pier & platform style for beachfront homes
The real challenge for architects is when constructing homes over steep and slopping terrains besides water’s edge. Homes are usually leveled approximately 10 to 15 feet above the lowest land height for protection against tidal waves but codes may vary from one place to another. Developers should strictly adhere to building codes as stated by government or face consequences later.

Before initiating construction, builders form a foundation or pier from sturdy and waterproof materials including timber piles, concrete pillars/columns, posts, frames and steel I-beams. Finest example of likeable homes are found in Texas, Galveston Island and Gulf Coast that usually face tidal surges resulting from hurricane. The base also anchors homes to the ground during bitter winter storms and strong winds.

All round the year weatherproof seaside houses
For enthusiastic investors and buyers of beachside homes, they should choose such constructions that are able to withstand natural calamities such as gusts and gales, floods, tidal waves, falling trees so on. The consequences of Katrina, Rita and other category-five hurricanes stimulated traditional construction techniques in developers, for example post-and-beam developments. Take beach houses in New England as an example with structures built to survive earthquakes as well.

Such homes can easily stand against heavy snow that accumulate on the roof during winter fall as they’re constructed from large, sturdy beams fastened together, forming frames. Octagonal shaped home with low roof are refinement of former designs that can easily resist high winds as force is directed around the sides and down onto the roof. Houses with gable-end roofs are far more susceptible to strong winds that gather under the roof and tear it apart.

Carefully choose the construction material for sturdiness of the beach houses. Consider brawny softwoods like yellow pine; far better than hardwood as they bend under pressure rather than breaking off completely. Complete the list with windows made of safety glass; consider storm windows for instance. This list forms the basics of beachfront house construction material. Again, it’s advised to check with government-stated guidelines for maximum safety.

Luxurious beach homes
Luxury seafront homes can have around six bedrooms with amenities such as swimming pools, extensive gardens, attached guest rooms, bed-and-breakfast facilities and large spaces to accumulate families. Larger plots spread horizontally that rise higher than two storeys are a few features while more care and precision must be taken with development. A much easier solution is to buy property in Dubai Marina with state-of-the-art infrastructure and excess amenities that promise nothing but a high-standard life.

While selling or renting out your beachfront home, estimate the value of entire property including home improvement. Visit local tax evaluator’s office, communicate the details with potential neighbours and you’ll definitely find the dream house across the waterfront community. Carefully read the types and technical aspects of these homes and avoid possible deadlocks.

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