Why wristwatches are a mark of elegance for men?

Though a statement for both men and women, wristwatches are more of a manly accessory. Each piece compliments to what you wear and persona. Even today with a pool of smartphones and handheld gadgets, watch remains a symbol of grace. They’re available in various designs and features for you to choose per likes. You’ll find a dramatic price variation depending on mechanism and brand name.

Brand makes a difference
Brand name is perhaps the biggest reason. Youths are obsessed with specific brands from their casual attire. Rolex remains the most popular brand being overly priced but of unsurpassed quality. It’s mostly associated with wealthy men and corporate personnel. You may prefer more affordable options like Seiko and Citizen with looks as good as Rolex however lacks the charm and influence.

A watch that compliments your personality is the best. If someone has an active lifestyle, expensive pieces aren’t preferred rather go for waterproof and stain-resistant. Employer of a multi-tier company should make a single, worthy investment in a gold watch. Yet again, Rolex takes the lead producing gold, platinum and titanium watches but alternates can be considered.

Lifestyle & fashion
Buyers may be overwhelmed when investing in timepieces that match their lifestyle and of latest fashion. To save time, search online for details and other functions before purchasing. Where stylish designs are ideal for office workers, bulky dials fits outdoor adventurers with water-resistant options. For both style and grace, Lacoste watches provides a perfect combination.

To make a statement is the biggest reason why men choose particular wristwatch brands. Personality, accomplishments and wealth are three aspects that make a difference. Each piece has a particular charisma when worn hence affects statements in its own way. Rolex represents high-class, Seiko for waterproof and active lifestyle so on.

Every watch has a particular movement (the operating mechanism for time telling); be it mechanical, automatic, quartz or electronic that impacts overall price and function. Among these, quartz movement is known for precision thus raising value of a timepiece. Most Swiss watches have quartz crystal movement system, making them a valuable collector’s item.

Now that you know about significance of a watch among men, which one you’re going to buy? Carefully read and choose your favorite piece!

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