Key reasons an employer should work with an employment agency

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Whether being a startup with limited financial resources or an established multinational firm, identifying an ideal candidate even to shortlist for an interview is difficult after scanning hundreds of CVs received against a job advert posted in the career section of the company website and in online and offline classified sections. When it comes to hire a highly skilled staff across the borders, business owners have to be more cautious. As recruiting has no longer remained a routine staffing, rather it becomes a crucial responsibility. You can’t randomly pick up an expat worker agreed to work on a small salary. Being a company owner, it’s your responsibility to select an applicant that not only fulfill qualification requirements, but also possess a sound background with no crime record. Practically, it’s not possible for a business owner to oversee every single aspect, as they are more focused to execute core business activities.

Probably, you have recently undergone the process of business expansion and need suitable staff for your new setup in UAE, recruitment agencies in Dubai are capable to offer best employment solutions. If you have not worked with any agency yet, you may have a valid a concern about how a third party can understand your business needs? How they can help in picking the right candidate?

Here I am sharing five big reasons to work with recruitment professional.

  1. Well-equipped with all essential skills, professional agencies that claim to offer recruitment services are very well aware with the latest industrial trends, a diverse range of business sectors and career pathways from entry level to management ranks. They know how to assess professionals. They don’t take final decision; rather they refer a right candidate successfully executing education and experience requirements. At the end, it’s the business owner who takes the final decision to hire or reject an applicant.
  2. Offers flexible hiring solution, probably you don’t have enough space and funds to appoint a dedicated resource to tackle staffing and compensation issues of other employees in the firm. Outsourcing this task to professional agency is the best option. You are not responsible to provide them standard compensation packages according to your company policies. What you need to pay is their consultancy fee.
  1. Time saving, working with a professional agency actually saves time. It is extremely beneficial for a midsize company who is not capable to hire a dedicated resource to screen applicants and hire the most suitable among them. It is a time consuming process that requires full time attention, which is usually difficult to manage with their current duties. Workings with a professional recruitment agency execute their staffing needs without hiring an extra temporary or permanent resource to carry out recruitment activities.
  2. No liabilities to you, as you are just availing services from a staffing firm, you are not answerable for overall compensation packages, payroll taxes and any claims in case of unemployment. This makes it extremely cost efficient , as you are only paying a sensible amount on the account of their fee, No salaries and taxes are involved

Summary: Perhaps, you need a professional help to execute the hiring process successfully, but don’t have enough budget to appoint a full time professional, a staffing agency can be a great help.

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