Four smart tips to spot a fake Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation is one-of-a-kind watch crafted out of several precious metals and can be worn by both men and women. It usually boasts diamonds and other valuable gems jutted in its design. Omega is involved in manufacturing exceptional timepieces ever since 1848 with each concept and design more unique.

In 1969, Buzz Aldrin strapped an Omega watch when flying to the moon. Like many other products, smart counterfeiters emulated original designs of Omega goods for their personal gains. Many of their watches especially Omega Constellation have specific hallmarks that savvy collectors can seek thus ensuring authenticity of the product and avoid investing a fortune for a fake piece.

  1. Look closely at the movements

Omega Constellation falls in the category of chronometer watch. It means watch movements have been tested at five different positions under extreme temperatures for 100 percent accuracy. Once movement is tested and authorised, watch is engraved with a unique calibre number as a mark of assurance that it has successfully passed the inspection.

To help collectors identify fake Omega Constellation, we’ve highlighted vintage standard numbers commonly used in production namely 354, 504, 505, 551, 561, 564 and 751. If you get a piece having a number other than those mentioned here, it’s possibly a fake and you should immediately take it to the nearest Omega sales and repair centre for verification.

  1. Ask the maker

Genuine watch dealers including Omega are given manufacturer’s warranty for each timepiece they take in stock while serial numbers correspond exactly to the watch. Buyers should obtain all the details at the time of purchase and contact company for verification. In-case dealers refuse to provide information, you’ve full right to reject the piece and consider it highly suspicious, potential counterfeit.

  1. Inspect front case plus watch band

Almost all Omega watches carries unique design features that distinguish them from one another and consistent in all their models. There’re four clasps you can find at approximately 2:30, 3:30, 8:30 and 9:30 respectively. Furthermore, lines of all Omega timepieces are round with watchband cautiously fixed to the watch piece.

Metal should be stunningly polished as if treated recently that’s one of the most crucial aspects while purchasing Constellation. Roman numerals are embossed within face rather than painted above the dial. Additional identifying features are three sub-dials for chronograph plus a 24-hour display whereas date window is positioned over six o’clock. Any variation in one or more of the features indicates faulty product!

  1. Metal testing

With metal testing, we don’t mean to experiment on it rather careful inspection is required! Omega is known to produce watches out of premium grade metals such as silver, platinum, gold, stainless steel and titanium. Pay close attention to gold watch designs for phoney manufacturers replicate the pieces with brass-nickel alloy aka pinchbeck. When polished, it appears like pure gold so take the wristwatch to authorised dealer or jeweler or run a home test if you’re good at spotting fake goods.

More tips & cautions

  • Most retailers market wristwatches with certain taglines such as “replicas” or “in the style of” with Omega Look closely to the fine print while buying the watch just to make sure it’s the real thing.
  • Do report counterfeit watches to authorised centre’s customer care department as well as local authorities. This is something buyers don’t do which further stimulates these counterfeiters.


Following the above tips, you can easily identify fake watches be to from Omega or any other prestigious brand. Remember, genuine goods are rather costly so don’t fall over cheap price!


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