How to clean your kitchen in minutes & keep it spotless for a month?

Being the centre of a home, a kitchen gets messy fast and if you neglect cleaning, it can get out of hands more quickly. It’s time you let go of the typical weekend cleaning marathons and make it spotless within a few minutes! This’ll hardly take 20 to 30 minutes per day which you can easily spare. Still, we aren’t talking about simply wiping surface but dusting, de-greasing, oven and baseboard cleaning as well so let’s have a look.

Adjust to the schedule

If you’re having a large family or simply busy with routine work, all that pile of dirty dishes and food stains would turn your kitchen overwhelmingly messy. Spare 10 to 20 minutes daily after each meal and carefully clean your kitchen. Start with toughest stains or primary instruments that are mostly used such as oven, sink, countertop and basic cutlery. Devise a timetable for cleaning and make sure you don’t include any other task in between.

The rule of three!

Dishes, sweeping and surfaces; these are the three basics you need to take care everyday when cleaning. Deep clean once or twice a week and wipe quickly everyday for spotless results. Being single or with family, it hardly takes around 10 to 15 minutes with dish washing so don’t play idle! Next is to sweep the floor which everyone would eventually notice while walking. There may be spills, peels and other such mess lying on the floor so don’t leave it intact.

Coming to surfaces like countertops that you use daily for cutting, grinding, mixing and many other cooking chores get messy after each use. No need to wash daily unless you aren’t dealing with raw meat, a simple wipe of damp cloth would suffice. Tough stains can be removed from various cleaning solutions or vinegar but never apply without reading the instructions for some chemicals may deteriorate the material over time.

Set a timer

Distraction is everywhere in form of noisy kids, doorbell, text messages, work emails and phone calls that seriously hampers kitchen cleaning. The best countermeasure is to set a time for each task such as 10 minutes for dishwashing, 20 minutes to sweep and mop floor so on. Try to finish the work in due time but don’t leave it incomplete even if the timer dings.

Task division

For readers help, we’ve provided a sample of tasks per day when cleaning the kitchen. Though you aren’t bound to follow precisely, doing so would be an advantage.

  • Clean kitchen appliances whether large or small.
  • Take out the trash and clean it all from inside out.
  • Wash the aprons, towels and linen drawers, dust the cookbooks as well.
  • Clean baking containers and other storage boxes like for flour, sugar or cornstarch.
  • Tidy up the refrigerator, freezer and shelves.
  • Wipe down the range hood and cabinet containers. Dust and polish if needed!
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Organise kitchen and cabinet ware.
  • Dust light fixtures, vent covers and clean switch plates.

The above chores can be performed besides the regular cleaning that is if you’ve some extra time. What about the day when you aren’t eating at home; a perfect opportunity for additional tasks! Meanwhile, size of the kitchen also matters for smaller kitchens maybe cleaned from top to bottom in 30 minutes whereas for the big ones, you should consider dividing the tasks!


If you’ve been struggling after tidying up the kitchen, consider the details provided above and make it less of a headache.

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