How to shop for watches in Dubai?

Adored by people from around the world, Dubai is rapidly growing into a business and luxury tourist hub. The biggest city of UAE offers some of the most dazzling hotels, lavish dining and eateries, fantastic shopping experience. While planning a trip to Dubai in near future, you’ll definitely be impressed by a strip of enchanting shopping malls and souks. It’s also a hotspot to score jewellery products including wristwatches while vacationing. Read on to learn more!

Plan the trip

Check out events calendar and plan your trip coinciding with shopping festivities. The Dubai Shopping Festival from January to February and Dubai Summer Surprises held from June to August are the two grandest events, initiated each year. Guests from all over the world fly to attend these and get their hands on best wristwatches at competitive price.

Visit the souks

Souks referred to open retail shops or marketplace in Dubai. Being the heart of trading for centuries, these souks occupy the largest market space in Deira. It’s perfect for travelers who wish to shop in a traditional environment with lots of bargaining.

Do negotiate the cost of various products especially when buying something luxury such as jewellery, wristwatch so on. Bargaining is the spirit of buying at souks; if you’re not good at it, better try malls as an alternative.

Trip to the mall

Since its hot shopping outside, why not shop at one of many malls located all across Dubai! Dragon Mart, The Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates are a few wonderful options for ultimate shopping spree. Besides shopping, you can access many indoor fun-filled activities such as cinemas, playing areas, snack lounge, spa services and much more. If you wish to buy genuine Gucci watches or any other brand, shopping mall is the best place boasting authorized retailers and service centers.

Duty-free shops

Duty Free stores at Dubai airport offer various watch brands such as Cartier, Swatch, Nautica, Burberry and many others. So if you haven’t found any timepiece per like anywhere, visit Duty Free shops while flying back home.


Find yourself a luxury wristwatch in Dubai following the tips highlighted above.

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