How to Go Easy on Your Budget When Travelling to Dubai?

Though you may think that the term “economical” isn’t in the dictionary when travelling to Dubai, this isn’t the case. Whenever thinking about Dubai, flashes of gleaming skyscrapers, extravagance, excess and wealth comes in mind. The city itself has every class travelling from many different parts of the world. Surprisingly, there’re ways to have ultimate fun on a budget, here’re a few tips you should consider.

The Inexpensive Dine & Accommodation

Rather than landing at a five or seven star restaurant, enjoy pure Arabian, informal and cheaper dining at many outdoor hotels and solo food vendors. It’s the best way to make local friends while tasting delicious and inexpensive Arabian cuisine. Choose from Lebanese, Iranian, Indian and Pakistani dishes to have your taste buds delighted without spending a fortune.

Apparently you need a place to stay! There’re many cheerful and low-priced hotels that’ll cost you no more than 315 dirham per night. Service will be neutral however beds are comfortable and management would make you feel like home. Try to find one that’s located in metropolis’s centre near to airport, beaches, parks and other facilities. Going out of the route and you may end up paying extra on rental cars.

Moving About

Surely you won’t spend the day confined in a hotel room and if you’re avoiding travel due to budget limitation, there’re cheaper alternatives. Hitch a taxi ride; a 30 minute drive would cost you nearly 40 dirham. However, be prepared to get caught in traffic during peak hours or wait in a long queue at a public place. If you wish to avoid all this hassle, metro system is the fastest and most cost-effective technique to travel within the city only for around 14 dirham. They’re clean, air-conditioned and the best way to explore Dubai.

Pay a Visit to Museum

Most museums in Dubai have free entrance and it’s a wonderful means to explore history of Emirates. Al-Fahidi Fort houses the famous Dubai Museum having an entry fee, three dirham for adult and one dirham for children. It was originally built around 1787 and renovated in 1971. When compared with Dubai’s advance technology and development, you’ll find this museum a bit outdated yet informative. Life size dioramas tells the story before oil was discovered while galleries recreated the majestic scenes of the Creek, Arab houses, prayer areas, desert, date farms and marine life. You’ll certainly enjoy the visit and saving.

Goods on a Bargain

Neatly woven and bright kilims from Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan are a great bargain. The Pride of Kashmir store is best of you’re looking for home furnishings, shawls, scarves, wraps and hand-knotted rugs. Still wondering what to see in Dubai, visit Deira; home of souks which is the best place to buy local and imported goods at a discount!

Travelling to Dubai and not visiting The Dubai Mall is out of question! It’s the biggest shopping mall with thousands of retail shops where you’ll find almost anything. Indoor fun corners are best if you’re with children. After spending hours of moving around the mall, enjoy a tasty snack with coffee to fuel your soul once again.

Now you can have ultimate fun when travelling to Dubai and running short of budget with these excellent tips.

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