Key steps of employee recruitment

Recruiting suitable staff is a primary concern of every organization. No matter how large or small an organization is, success only depends on appointing the right candidate. When it comes to employing a workforce for your organization, you have multiple options to work with. You can either initiate the process on your own or you can take the help of professional recruiters after hiring them in-house or outsourcing this function to a third party recruiter. Irrespective of the option you have chosen, you have to follow a systematic process to execute this process successfully. Primarily the process involves developing a job description, shortlisting a bunch of qualified individuals with desirable skills and then taking a final decision.

Below I am sharing few primary steps everyone should include and consider to follow while initiating the process of recruiting employees.

Identify your job needs
Whether, you need a single employee or you need a bunch of qualified individuals for multiple positions, you have to crucially evaluate existing resources and responsibilities they are fulfilling in your organization. Observe carefully, aren’t they overburdened or too packed up with work. This is necessary to know to define the need of creating new opportunities. Review existing task list to decide precisely the role of upcoming career opportunities. Once you make sure of these aspects, move forward to post a job ad.

Also focus on your expectations
However, you have pointed out creating a vacancy in your firm, you have to sort out your expectation with prospective candidate you are thinking to appoint. It’s obvious you don’t want to hire an inefficient candidate, rather you must be willing to assign the new job to a candidate, which is not only capable to execute the responsibilities, but also have some unique skills and talent to prove himself as a valuable addition in your firm. Besides this, also consider the personality, attitude and overall attire of the candidate. This is unavoidable, as your brand image is totally dependent on the communication and attitude of workforce in your firm.

Write an effective job description
After estimating the needs and expectations, the next step is to write an effective job description. If you don’t pay attention writing a complete job description, you will fail to attract the right candidate. No matter how huge compensation you are offering for a particular position in your firm. Clearly describe the duties and expected challenges associated with the recent job opening. Also consider including the personality characteristics you wish to see in the candidates coming for interview. This is equally important to skillset and qualification requirements. Job profiles with details JDs usually fail to gain the attention of suitable candidates.

Establish a suitable selection criteria and process
So you are done with all initial steps and posted a job ad and started receiving CVs or shortlisted candidates and going to conduct interviews to evaluate and find the best candidate among the pile of applicants. You have to set up a sensible yet an acceptable process to select the most suitable person to fill the vacancy. Generally, employers take interviews and tests for employee recruitment. After observing the company policies and job requirements, you can initially shortlist suitable candidates after taking first interview or test. Later you can request the shortlisted candidates to appear in aptitude tests or psychometric tests for further evaluations. But these are not the only assessment methods available. A huge range of industry specific evaluation processes is also available. It is suggested to do some research to choose the most appropriate method to successfully recruit the needed professional.

Check out the resources to publish your job ad
As you are done with all the necessary ground work and decided well about the way you are going to implement to select an employee, it’s time to think about the suitable channel to broadcast about the vacant career opportunities. In addition to using newspapers and employment and career websites, you can also take advantage of social bookmarking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to spread a word about your company and exciting career opportunities to attract and drag qualified workforce to your firm.

Summary: Following this systematic approach while creating a career vacancy will empower you to recruit the most suitable employee in your firm.


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