Top six traits of an exceptional recruiter

Employment recruiters are major players who match employee skills to the jobs they’re most qualified for. Companies always demand for highly qualified candidates which is why they turn to recruitment agencies and furnish their requirements. It’s your skill set and education that would decide whether you’re fit to be a recruiter after graduating college. If you like to work as a recruiter or need to know about must-have skills, don’t miss reading this post.

  1. Active listener & confidence

Recruitment consultants must be great listeners to understand the requisites of both the jobseeker and the client. Only through active listening can you extract as much information as possible out of the clients and refer perfect employees. In-short, you’ll be able to make better decisions and find an exceptional match by and over.

Confidence is what drives a person to learn and achieve more in life. To be confident isn’t limited to specific personal skills but also in the work you do. This, however don’t mean that you do something wrong and justify it confidently. Be honest and diligent; these are the basis on which you can stand confidently in front of all.

  1. Excellent marketing skills

As a recruiter, you sell your services and thus require great marketing skills. You should be able to promote your business and be an expert in the service field. If you’ve lots of applicants in the database but aren’t able to convince any business over hiring any, the openings aren’t likely to be filled anytime sooner. Therefore, negotiation, convincing and decision making skills are a must!

  1. Devoted & goal oriented

Recruitment industries nowadays are far more competitive and target-driven therefore it’s crucial that recruiters are able to cope with deadlines and pressured environment. A successful recruiter must be ambitious, target-orients, hungry for results and always willing to learn. Agencies typically offer perks and performance related payments known as (On target earnings – OTE) besides the basic salary. If someone lacks the passion and is less goal-oriented, recruitment agency isn’t a place to be employed at.

  1. Socially active

A recruiter deals with dozens of customers in a day belonging to different fields. This person must have the ability to bridge the gap, socialise and love meeting new people. Not only it benefits the business but who knows a company may pick such recruiter for their competitive human resource department. Establishing good relations with clients and applicants doesn’t mean that you use flattery but your persona, confidence and expertise should speak out!

  1. Multitasking & time management skills

Working with many people means a recruiter ought to have multiple projects at his disposal. To be successful here demands versatility and to remember details of various jobs, companies and candidates in order to work efficiently throughout. Focus and determination is good as long as the tasks are completed on time. Therefore, adding to the many skills is time-management and for recruiters, it’s all about providing the right talent at the right time to the right companies.

  1. IT & social media

Regardless of the field you’re expert at, everyone from a simple arts graduate to a management degree holder must’ve technical skills to a certain extent. As organisations are adapting digital technology to stay competitive in today’s ever changing tech-world, a candidate without relevant skills is doomed be it a recruiter. The ability to be good at social media is also a must for it’s the ultimate platform where you can find some of the best candidates ever. A few examples of social media websites are; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Skill Pages and many others.


If you want to be a successful recruiter, the above skill set are crucial so mould yourself accordingly today!

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