How to obtain economic citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda?

Despite being a small twin-island territory nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Antigua and Barbuda possesses almost everything from natural beauty to business and investment opportunities. The stunning warm beaches, turquoise water with numerous water sporting activities like yachting, scuba diving and snorkeling captivate tourists across the world. Moreover, its memberships with the United Nations and CARICOM have enabled it to compete with business and investment hubs on the international stage.

With luxury lifestyle offerings the territory has become a perfect destination for second home seekers that are looking for a secure place to live. The thriving tourism industry, solid investment opportunities, transparent banking and financial sectors along with successful manufacturing industries efficiently drag those investors who are not only trying to diversify their investment portfolio, but also willing to enjoy high standard of living.

After observing the huge interest of people to find investment and accommodation opportunities in the territory, the State Government decided to initiate economic citizenship programs to facilitate everyone planning to relocate to this country. Recently being launched in 2013, the program offers three options to the candidates who are seeking to obtain nationality after becoming a legitimate investor in the territory.

There are total three nationality programs that allow individuals to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. The residency program is open for nearly all the countries, except from Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen and Iranian who are residing in their hometown. According to Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP), anyone can obtain Antiguan and Barbudan passport after picking any one of the schemes give below.

  1. After purchasing approved real estate with total worth of US $400,000
  2. After making a non-refundable donation of US $250,000 to the National Development Fund
  3. After buying US $1,500,000 shares of an Approved Business in the country

What are the requirements?

Irrespective of the type of scheme, every foreign national is eligible to use one application form to obtain nationality for himself, including his family members from spouse, dependent children and parents and grandparents with ages over 65 years. There are no special requirements of possessing specific skills and business experiences. Other documents that are required to submit with the application form are original signed recent medical certificate by an approved medical practitioner, HIV tests, proof of marriages, passport, photos police certificate, name changes, divorces, residences etc.

What is the government application fee?

Every applicant has to submit a specific amount as government application fee that needs to be submitted while filing the case. The total amount depends on how many family members are applying for the citizenship along with principal candidate. Below is the brief breakdown of application fee.

The principal candidate fee is US $50,000, for the spouse of the main applicant and dependents over the age of 18 years again its US $50,000, whereas for children under the age of 17 years the amount reduces to US $25,000 for each child. In addition to this basic application fee government also charge due diligence fees for everyone applying for the residency. Main applicants are requested to pay US $7,500 for them and their spouses, US $2,000 for children aged from 12 to 17 years, whereas for dependents with the age of 18 years or over, the amount increases to US $4,000.

Summary: Once you have collected all the documentations and basic amount required to apply any of the economic citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, you can simply contact with government officials via professional agencies offering residency services for the territory.


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