Famous Museums in Sharjah

Having been the cultural center of Arabs, Sharjah is world renowned to possess a number of art galleries, museums, heritage centers, wildlife sites and green resorts. The family friendly destination has almost everything to amuse art lovers, fun enthusiastic and children. The territory is packed with exciting sightseeing like Art Museum, Heritage Area, Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Desert Park to provide endless entertainment for history lovers. After observing Emirate’s tremendous efforts to preserve the historical monuments, UNESCO rewarded Sharjah the Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998.

Here I am sharing a brief description about few famous museums to give you an idea about their special collection they possess for visitors.

Sharjah Arts Area

The architectural structure consists of a historical mosque and five enchanting buildings of Art Museum, Art Centre, Art Galleries, Emirates Fine Arts Society and the Very Special Art Centre. The venue is closely located to the Corniche on the north Burj Avenue at the Bank Road and displaying unique and ancient masterpieces to contemporary art work of artists.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Located at Majarrah waterfront, the city’s historical heart, the facility was inaugurated in 1987. Being established as the Souq al-Majarrah, the landmark reopened in 2008 as the gallery. You can observe a thematic arrangement of more than 5,000 exquisite Islamic artifacts collected across the world. The seven spacious galleries display rare Islamic manuscripts, Arabic art, and twelfth century daggers from Morocco, ninth century Iranian bowls and Afghani jewelry.

Majlis of Ibrahim Mohammed Al Midfa


The beautiful building with delightful architectural designs is nestled between Souq al-Arsah and the Corniche. Majlis is a unique institution, which is known to display interesting pieces that are not discovered during excavation; rather they belong to the original owner, who had been the secretary for four rulers before his death.


Sharjah Archaeology Museum


Idyllically located near the Cultural roundabout (Quran) is a dynamic place, beautifully revealing the history of Sharjah since ancient times. Moreover, the library offers a wide range of archaeological and historical books, reports, periodical and magazines to provide authentic information to researchers and history students.

Sharjah Science Museum


Don’t assume it’s an ordinary science gallery. The Science Museum, which is located in Halwan next to the TV Station, is known to possess more than 50 interactive exhibits about astronomy, physics, chemistry and biology. The facility is like a classroom that will empower visitors to understand the science concepts. From kids to adults, everyone will love falling into the magical world of science without getting bored.

Al Husn (Sharjah Fort)

Having been constructed in 1820 by Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the fort was used as an abode for ruling family for 200 years. Later, some of its parts were demolished in 1969, which was again restored with the help of available photographs, documents and support of elderly residents. After restoration the place is renovated as a gallery and displaying artifacts about pearls, jewelry, fishing, trade, old photographs and weapons.

Summary: These are few Sharjah museums, I will suggest everyone to explore while visiting this territory.

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