How to be successful at tourist visa interview?

When travelling offshore, one need to have a visa but before that, determine the purpose of your visit be it sightseeing or employment so as to file the right application. Here we’ll talk about tourist visa for which during the interview, applicant needs to prove that he’s visiting the country temporarily and have compelling reasons to return home. Also prove that you’ve sufficient credit to bear entire travel expense.

Although no one guarantees of you passing the interview and qualifying for the visa in first attempt, there’re certain things to help you prepare and improve the chances. Even if the application is denied, don’t be discouraged as it’s not the end of the world!

Foreign trips other than US might work

Don’t rush flying to the U.S. especially if the trip is for pure pleasure! There’re several other countries where getting a visa is far easier and economic as well. And it just might help establish “credibility” with your travel history as the passport would eventually show a clear record. Besides, the world is full of many different places to visit other than America such as the UAE that would turn the trip far more memorable!

Acquire asset ownership proof for home country

Documents that would prove you’re having assets such as a car, house, bank accounts, company shares, investments and more must be genuine. The more the number of assets in your homeland, the more odds are in your favour about returning back.

Care to provide proof of employment if applicable

Being employed in your own country is the strongest reason or proof that guarantees your return! Request your employer to draft a letter of employment, gather proof of your job being stable, well-paid and worth sticking on for a long-run. Lest applicant is a student, furnish outstanding school record that denotes you having bright chances and better future aspects. Carefully study the application process and laws related to the country you wish travelling to!

Strong & optimistic ties with the family

This should only be used as supporting evidence because interviewing officer is unlikely to believe the story! If you’ve a mother, wife or child to look after, that’s not a strong reason that guarantees your return. Since this is something more emotional or psychological, probing or cross-questioning might work perfectly to draw conclusion!

A compelling appointment or commitment that assure your return

Again, word-of-mouth proofs and weak references won’t work but something worthy such as enrollment in a law school, start of a new job so on would help. Speak it out to the consul officer and furnish authorised, genuine evidence!

Enough money to fund the trip & additional expenses

Submit proof of income not just to prove that you can bear the trip but to represent financial stability. Besides, you need the extra dough for shopping and exploring the country because foreign travelling is indeed expensive but that shouldn’t hold you back!

Be punctual

On the date of interview, come prepare with complete paperwork and make sure all the information is genuine, recent and clear. Dress well for the interview as it shows professionalism. For instance if yours is visa processing in Abu Dhabi; learn all about the UAE, the city itself, culture and history! In-short, you must be able to answer quickly and casually whatever the officer throws at you!


Once having the visa in your hand, don’t abuse it and try not to extend unless it’s really mandatory! Don’t overstay on your visa as it would compromise future applications and may be troubling for other candidates. Be clear and specific of your plans in the home country as being ambiguous would only result in either denial or delay.

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