5 Don’ts of sales training

Whether you are a product manufacturer, service provider or a distributor, compelling customers and buyers to purchase products or avail services is a crafty task. Although offering something valuable is also important to win the customer trust, engaging customers with your brand is the first step before selling. Unless people don’t know what you have to offer for them, how they could select you as the vendor. Generally, entrepreneurs invest a significant amount of marketing and advertising to introduce their name in the industry, later their sales representative started distributing their products among prospective clients. They keep telling the benefits of using products and services from the brand they are associated. They have a deep understanding of the product features they are promoting. Unlike to marketing professionals, sales experts must have strong capabilities to describe the extra advantages of purchasing a product from them. As this job requires effective presentation skills, organizations invest significant amount of money to train their team in grooming their presentation skills. Inexperienced entrepreneurs might think that they could eliminate the training expenses after recruiting confident candidates with excellent communication skills. Theoretically, it may seems possible, but practically it’s not; to become an efficient sales representative a specified set of skills is required in addition to natural proficiency to speak.

Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer selling the products or a vendor offering specific services, planning to start a suitable sales training Dubai for newly hired candidates in Dubai, consider avoiding these Don’ts to reap maximum benefits.

Don’t mix-up, this is one of the most common mistakes; sellers tend to do while deciding to train their team. They ask their team to memorize the product features instead of focusing on effective communication. However, good product knowledge is necessary, it’s become useless if an agent fails to deliver it efficiently right on the time.  Sale reps must be able to allocate space to clients.  You can’t enforce anyone to purchase, you can only advice to take the final decision.

Don’t consider training as a waste of time, it is a common misconception company owners have in their minds. They mistakenly assume that the squad is not working due to attending training sessions. They reduce the total duration as much as they can, which is the totally wrong. Learning is a time taking process, you can’t expect your crew to start showing results just after a few hours training. Secondly, not everyone in the batch possesses equal caliber. Consider all these facts to organize an efficient training session.

Don’t ignore educating managers, sales managers are the department head, you may have hired a highly qualified candidate with a relevant degree and assume that he will be performing independent of his unit. Then it’s a wrong approach, you should train them to efficiently communicate with others in the department. This enables them to coach their group anytime when they see a lack of performance.

Don’t start without preparation, unprepared and less researched training programs usually fail to benefit. Whether you are designing an in-house training program, or you have hired a consultancy firm to develop a suitable sales training program to educate your agents, it is mandatory to research and find out the problem areas to focus along with cultural values of your company.

Don’t overlook the importance of follow-up, you may have designed an epic training program for your employees. If you don’t take feedback or follow up, you will never know how effective was the session is? Did they gain something good from it or they still have some misunderstandings in their mind? Do they remember what they have learned? Follow up enable you to assess the effectiveness of training.

Summary: Ultimate success to start any kind of sales training for your team lies behind its efficient planning and avoiding certain Don’ts at any cost.

Credit goes to : Gameplan Solutions

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