How to wash dried fruit stains off the clothes?

Fruit, jam and jelly stains when fresh are easy to deal with but if dried, things can get a little dicier. Here we’ve some tips that’ll surely pull those nasty, stubborn fruit spots off the clothes without ruining the fabric’s quality.

Get rid of excess fruit

Take a spoon or dull knife to gently scrape away remaining fruit extract but be extra careful or you may tear the cloth. Don’t rub too vigorously as you only need to pull away fruit bits and stains that aren’t absorbed deeply. Dried spots usually have seeds or tiny fruit extracts that may cling to the fabric but cleaning this way is easier.

The paste treatment

Take three tablespoons either of borax or baking soda and mix with a single tablespoon of lukewarm water to create a thick paste. Using the same spoon or butter knife, spread the paste over the blemished area and coat it completely; the thicker the layer, greater will be the effect.  Leave the area untouched for a few minutes before you wash and do so with lukewarm water as well.

Liquid laundry detergent

Take your favourite laundry detergent and apply several drops directly on the patch and let it sit for nearly 10 to 15 minutes. Now, stretch the cloth piece over the sink with the stained area facing down. Drop hot water directly over the area and it’ll surely wash out the stain. But, before you throw boiling water on the fabric, carefully read the wash label to prevent burning or permanent damage.

Stain remover & bleaching agent

Choose any of your preferred laundry stain remover stick, gel or spray and apply gently to the area and don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s truly a stubborn stain, the mild bleaching agent is the last hope.

Before applying bleach to the cloth, test it on any other fabric that you don’t wear anymore to see the results but make sure the quality is the same or end result would be entirely opposite. You can also try vinegar, lemon juice or a mix of both.

After application, expose the fabric to natural sunlight and air but only for an hour or so, rinse the area again gently and wash with warm water.

The normal wash

When the stain has been removed properly, give it a rewash normally and make sure the spot isn’t there before drying the cloth. Whatever you do, don’t expose the fabric to the dryer or the stain will set permanently. Lest any stain remains, repeat one or all the above processes till it’s removed or take the garment to a dry cleaner.

Crucial tips & requisites

  • Borax and baking soda make the best stain removal paste but there isn’t any need to use or mix both; one would suffice!
  • Liquid detergent works better than powder as it seeps into the fabric’s pore and takes out the stain for good.
  • The hot water treatment should be from the sink tap rather than microwave or stove boiled.
  • Even lemon juice and vinegar can discolour the fabric so try it over an unused or worn piece of cloth.


All the above solutions answer one question that is how to remove fruit stains so make the most of the tips.

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