2016’s most innovative gadgets defining the future

Ever imagine an umbrella reminding you not to forget it when going out in the rain! Or perhaps an infant car seat that tweets if your baby’s going to have a safe ride. While the two concepts were highlighted in the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, the exhibition itself defines many different technology trends that would rule 2016 and beyond.

As compared to the previous events, themes of the show weren’t entirely different as theemphasis was still on concepts such as smart home, fitness gadgets and virtual reality. The only distinctive factor was companies pushing these ideas in order to make them more a part of routine activities and more accessible to an average person.

Other areas of focus such as beauty and parenting introduced more high-tech possibilities than ever before such as the very first Beauty Tech Summit at CES inaugurated this year. From smart fridge to thehigh-tech thermometer, we’ve mentioned the most innovative and futuristic picks even for 2016 so check below.

  1. Tech-creative kids toys

Indeed, kids today are born genius as they’re exposed to some of the smartest technology right from birth and that’s the reason they quickly adapt to gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. True innovativeness, however,is such kids’ toys that merge simplicity and high-tech.

An example of Pac-Man collaboration with the Moff band is best as all that’s required to wear the Moff band and swing the arms when playing Pac-Man via an application. You can enjoy real-time engagement and physical participation through smart devices!

  1. The smarter everyday items

Transforming common household products into smart gadgets is another trend picking up its pace! Here, anexample of the umbrella is best; this is the smart umbrella that lets you know if it would rain and reminding you not to leave without it.Not be the most important thing but it’s pretty cool!

  1. Women’s health goes high-tech

Gone are the days when man rules all but women empowerment in almost every industry brought tremendous changes. This is the reason their fitness and health matters most so tech evangelists decided to introduce fitness trackers appealing to women.

  1. Virtual reality becomes more accessible

Doesn’t matter if you’re into virtual reality or not, it has already become a crucial part of our lives and Oculus Rift is the best example! Virtual reality isn’t just making strides in the entertainment industry but several physical and psychological therapies are performed exploiting the technology. Pocket VR for just $70 is introduced by Speck; a popular smartphone case company. The device allows putting your smartphone to best use without being heavier in the pocket.

  1. Automated homes

A smart home can be smarter with gadgets such as D-Vine; a wine carafe programmed to serve a perfect wine glass as you unwind. Need something more invigorating? Family Hub Fridge from the house of Samsung comes with an LCD screen through which you can place orders at the grocers; shocking but true!

  1. Advanced wellness products

It’s about time we bid farewell to health products of the old-school as these days, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected objects stall the light! The Withings Thermo not just read your body temperature in microseconds but keeps a track of it through a smart application. All that’s required is a powerful wireless internet connection!

Beauty steps in the world of tech and companies such as OREOare leading the way. The only example so far would be of IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager which is tiny enough to tuck in your pocket and a perfect eye massager for almost every occasion and ultimate relaxation.


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