How to refine your presentation skills?

Let’s admit, we’ve all been through lots of presentation and every time it makes your hair stand with nervousness. Public speaking can be entirely nerve-wrecking for those born without natural eloquence but you can get better at it with time and adequate training. “Style” is the most valuable element in shaping your presentation which is a pack of enthusiasm, useful content, unique and adequate data as well as dumb jokes (occasional though)! If you’re looking for ways to refine your presentation skills, the information below would work up miracles so check it out.

  1. Practice, practice & practice!

“Practice makes a man perfect”; the statement fits perfectly here as you should definitely rehearse as many times as possible. Sparing time might be difficult for those overburdened with office and home chores but it’s essential to deliver an inspiring public speech. If management allows, stay up late in the office and practice by and over. Write it down if you really want to score applause as script is your best friends here!

If you can, practice where you’re actually going to face the audience as it helps getting acquainted with the environment; imagine people facing you! Ask the actors and they would suggest rehearsing lines in various positions like standing, sitting, spread your arms wide open and so on. The more you mingle, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Practice in front of your friends or work colleagues as they’ll give immediate feedback to help you improve.

  1. Transform anxiety into enthusiasm

If you’re feeling nervous, have a cup of coffee and listen to some electrifying music! This may sound strange but eventually, you’ll feel a burst of adrenaline and enthusiasm. Various studies concluded that an enthusiastic speech can easily surmount an eloquent one. For starters, let the speaking be as passionate and energetic as possible. However if someone’s allergic to caffeine, try any other alternate rather than gulping down those monster power drinks!

  1. Attend other public speaking seminars

If the talk is just part of your workplace conference, be sure to attend others as it’ll give you an idea on delivering style and context. Your fellow mates would be esteemed having you there to appreciate them and they’ll be obliged to lend a helping hand with your presentation. While attending, figure out these important things;

  • Mood of the crowd
  • Is the audience senior or a group of youngsters
  • Flow of presentation: Is it easy-going or more tactical
  • Tone of the speaker

These elements would surely help you design your own speech in a perfect way.

  1. Optimistic visualization

Positive visualization is far more effective as when you pursue with an optimistic feeling and scenario, things are likely to work in a way envisioned. Kick-off the negative thoughts like “I’m going to do awful” so on and imagine the audience cheering and applauding at your speech. It certainly doesn’t mean being overconfident rather move with a positive attitude and thought!

  1. Don’t beat about the bush or cover too much material

It’s true a presentation must be full of useful content that has to be crisp, concise and current but it doesn’t mean condensing everything in a ten-minute presentation. Be a good editor; know what to include and remove but always keep useful information. Make sure the speech is entirely according to the topic and make it sound professional (keeping the audience in vision).


Many organisations as well as educational institutes offer presentation skills training program especially for those who wish to overcome their public speaking shortfall so why not enroll in a course and face the crowd boldly!

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