Five biggest challenges faced by management consulting industry

If you’re familiar with management consulting industry, then you’ll also be aware of the many business challenges it faces today that is a combination of old and new. The forces driving the change are various with technology boom surpassing every other! The rise of new business models and intense competition has transformed the traditional marketplace into a war zone with many different industries striving to take the lead. Here we’ve listed some of the greatest trials and how to deal with them efficiently.

  1. Pull new clients & retain the existing ones

This particular concern tops the list at above 81 percent. For new businesses, it’s the dominant priority of almost every niche especially those which serve the management consultancy market. More or less 72 percent professional services stated that generating new business and retaining the current clients has become far more challenging affecting entire business operations.

The need to establish a new business in consultancy industry is noted three times more and the second-highest challenge for respondents. This is for corporations of all sizes whereas the struggle for new clients is likely to continue in coming times as well.

  1. The constant shifts in economic marketplace

More than 25 percent industry respondents echoed about the volatile global economy being another biggest concern. And since it’s global, almost every other industry is facing the heat of competition as multiple international players intensify their efforts. While economic sluggishness prevails in few markets, companies will continue to look for profitable opportunities crucial for business survival in the long term.

  1. Search & keep skilled talent

A highly competitive marketplace is likely to be filled with top industry talent so it’s pretty much acceptable. To find and retain skilled and literate employees is a top agenda which in every one of four consultancy firms. In view of marketing priorities, this is quite notable however may prioritise focusing on a specific audience, possible recruits. The struggle to search and keep the best talent has always been a business challenge and likely to intensify as the talent war take its toll.

  1. The innovative ideas

Yet another distinguishing feature for a management consultancy in Dubai and probably every other place is exploiting innovative ideas and equally important to that of generating new business opportunities. The element of innovation in many industries tops all other factors and consultants from around the globe also agree with the fact.

To face the challenge, business entities need exploring new ways not just to generate new ideas but also share them with the audience and ought to bring real-time optimistic results. The audience here will be the prospective clients and key industry players.

Building a reputation on just the innovative idea isn’t wise as firms must showcase their expertise, thought process and results to stay competitive. The winners will eventually have the chance to show the world how they innovate.

  1. Issues with strategic planning

A strategic approach is required in order to keep the business up and running which is another challenge as bringing innovation into the existing is just like looking for a needle in the haystack. Besides this, using the right resources at the right time to counter new competitors as well as search for new clients is crucial for businesses of all types and only through a well-defined strategic plan can this be achieved.


Turbulent times bring tremendous changes and this is very true in the realm of management consultancy. Adapting the marketplace pressure and stay ahead of the competition is only possible with the right tools and company’s potential to build robust brands.

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