6 Cool Home Technology Styles to Adopt this Year!


Home Technology

Looking forward to sprucing up the residential properties with latest technologies? Here, we’ve highlighted some of the coolest home techs that’ll simply transform all the aspects of your beloved abode in best possible way. These techs are approved by Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC) so there’s no doubt about the quality. Before starting I would like to thanks Banke’s Business Bay offices & apartments rental department for providing such useful insights over the topic.

1. Integration everywhere
There’re many benefits of a fully integrated home which promises a whole new experience. Complex house systems are being assimilated nowadays letting homeowners’ access various functions such as lights, heating system, security and other aspects with a single touchscreen panel.

This “integration” can take place around the home with audio/video, lighting, security, HVAC, entrance and camera features. User or inhabitant would be able to control all the functions from a number of user interfaces spread across the project’s network.

Imagine watching a movie, eyeing the main entrance, heating the water for bath and all such is only a game of swipe and click! Automatic cleaning system would further add style and redefine your life so that’s another option.

2. Efficiency like never before
Radical improvements in smartphones and laptops help increase productivity without hampering flexibility. A typical user can access emails or work on a presentation anytime, anywhere provided a sound wireless internet access. With new tech standards, productivity further gain momentum whereas the team responsible for integrating the home system with automation features redefines the way you manage the entire home. Here, you’ve the option either to access these smart features remotely or through a touchscreen panel when present in the home.

3. Witness the transparency
That big television screen from the yesteryear has dominated the entire room so far. Today, even larger screens are there, however, can be installed neatly inside a wall so you won’t feel much. Consider a case in which a client wanted to watch the news or a movie only at night without the screen looming over the entire day.
Pop-up ceiling lift can be the ultimate solution that’s able to stow even a 42-inch plasma into the ceiling. Speakers are installed in the wall and barely noticeable whereas other A/V equipment are carefully and neatly contained inside the electronics closet. This way, you can control them simply through a touchscreen display.

4. The element of universality
The coming of universal remote put an end to that multiple controller each for a television, playing video games or watching a movie. It’s absolutely convenient as well as rid that clutter off the coffee table. You may ask the home developers or real estate technicians to provide a unified solution for all such needs to revamp the residential properties.

5. Viability
With smart home tech, a power management system also comes which eliminates unnecessary use of standby power that accounts for nearly five percent of total power consumption. If the system displays “off”, it’s really meant to be off instead of slowly consuming the power without you knowing about it!
Power management system is an excellent solution for major electronic appliances such as refrigerator and freezer as it shuts them down automatically for a brief period of time without disturbing the quality of preserved food.

6. Home entertainment
Full-fledged entertainment rooms with superb audio and video systems in a home brings ultimate entertainment right at your doorstep. That’s not all; high-end design aesthetics would further involve you in the setting so what if you’re looking forward to a Genesis Audio & Video turning the garage into a multifunctional media room.

Put a bar with sit-down and walk-around arrangement as well as access to the outdoor patio. The media room would further include DVD and music server in addition to security cameras, powerful internet and full lighting arrangement.

Instead of dangling the projector from the ceiling pole, go for a cantilevered wall mount which will sleekly install it on the top of the rear wall. Cabinets must match the design of the curve screen whereas the rear and side walls have to be given that acoustic treatment for optimising sound.

With all these cool home technologies, imagination has no boundaries as you can further tweak the aspects and get something even better, more innovative. Plus, keep yourself attuned to all the latest trends for staying ahead in the game.

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