A Detailed Guide about EFQM Assessor Training

Are you looking for EFQM assessor training in Dubai? EFQM or European Foundation for Quality Management is an excellence model that has been implemented widely by a number of organizations. This excellence model can be applied easily to any organization irrespective of its size, sector or experience and maturity. This EFQM excellence model can be divided into two categories: the Enabler criteria and the Results criteria.

There are usually 5 ‘Enablers’ criteria in EFQM model including the leadership, people, strategy, partnerships & resources, and processes, products & services. The Enabler criteria usually cover what an organization does. An organization requires strong leadership and strategic direction to be successful. An organization also needs to improve its partnerships, resources and processes in order to deliver exceptional quality value-adding products and services to its customers.

On the other hand, ‘Results’ category in EFQM model include 4 criteria, which are people results, customer results, society results and business results. This criterion mainly covers what an organization achieves.

Widely in demand, EFQM Assessor Training is a course that enables the participants to develop the various necessary assessment skills with the help of the EFQM Excellence Model, which ultimately helps them to become an EFQM Assessor. This training is mainly intended for those wishing to build up necessary assessor skills and be able to execute self-assessment, internal assessment and a peer assessment of various other organizations.

Before attending this course, it is recommended to complete the Basic Assessor

Training, which is usually an online course. If not, then you must have at least some confirmed understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model.

After a successful completion of this training, the participants will become expert in:

  • Understanding the approaches to internal and external assessment
  • Applying the ideas and details of the EFQM Model and RADAR tools to create value-adding performance analysis
  • Working together with others in an assessment team environment

Using the EFQM Excellence Model, the EFQM Assessor Training in Dubai will provide its participants with both the theoretical and practical in-depth experience of assessing an organisation. To accomplish this, the course generally uses a case study close to an actual submission document to replicate real-life assessing circumstances for the group exercises.

EFQM assessor training is undoubtedly a vital step towards learning the skills of becoming a professional EFQM assessor and a pre-requisite to attend the Qualified Assessor Training.

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