Uber reveals real-time ID check for the safety of passengers

Uber goes by confined management when doing definite checks of operators, but is active in making the system improved in regions where the analysis are indefensible. This has become a deep burden for the firm, said Cardenas.

Due to these reasons, people are trying to find answers in many places that sphere from detective exams that fulfill gaps in the possible data to figure out our own method on top of actual protection for beneficial licenses and this is what we are attempting in India.

Multi-layered inquires Uber’s website explains an exact background check process advanced in the United States and enforced to all of its ridesharing participants. The feature was said to involve checks of the department of motor vehicle and criminal justice records, where available. Uber is lifting up the operator background checkup and other safety measures across the globe after the smartphone directed attention to the car sharing service was banned in New Delhi resulted in the asserted rape of a passenger.

The occurrence happened prior this month in the Indian basic was one of a sequence of trouble for the most well-known but disputed San Francisco-based firm treasured at $40 billion which allows customers begin and fee for taxis or private vehicles through a smartphone app. We hope intensely that, besides our operator partners, we have made the safest transit benefit in 260 cities across the world, says Uber head of global safety Philip Cardenas on Wednesday in a blog post.

But we have a lot of work to do, and we opt to do it. Uber says that it marks every ride by GPS, is establishing a protective roadmap that contains voice recognition to authenticate driver existence and offering ways for the travelers to constantly contact the firm or families during emergencies.

Uber administer thorough, multi-layered background checks which have to arise in tens of thousands of operators being declined the chance to ally on the Uber platform, Cardenas said. Every Uber journey is outlined by location-tracking satellites, and app software shows an entitled driver’s picture, license plate number and type of vehicle to the person standing alone to be selected.

Uber even promised steps to raise customer support, with the reaction to trouble. New Delhi last week enlarged a ban on Uber to web-based taxi services in the Indian money. The city government states that it was excluding Uber with proper effect after a young female traveler blamed the driver of raping her.


Indian police said Uber did not handle a background check on the operators, who was employed by the firm on various complaint including assault, robbery, and sexism. Uber’s rapid growth has caused tensions, most probably with competitor taxi firms which complaints that Uber cars are not subjected to the same regulations.


Uber has offered 140 million journeys for the riders this year, states Cardenas. The firm started in prior 2009 establishes its Indian operation in September of last year. Together with being focused by fixed taxi drivers in many areas and governed by the law in some jurisdictions, the firm has seen its counterpart damaged by CEO gaffes and involves in security.


Uber operators are requested to repeatedly take a selfie in the Uber application as soon as they accept a trip. The selfie is then related to the one matching with the account on file. Uber has brought a real time ID check feature which guides the travelers by building one more layer of responsibility into the app to make sure that the right person is behind the wheel.


Uber goes up with real time ID check feature to make sure that the operator using the application matches the account enrolled with the ride-hailing application. The feature is being started in five cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and other locations will follow, Uber said in a blog post.


With the new aspect, operators will be demanded often to take a selfie in the Uber app before they accept a trip. By using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, the selfie will be related to the one equivalent with the account on file. If the two pictures do not match, the account will be stopped for a short period of time, into which Uber will investigate into the matter.


In India, Uber has about 4 lakh driver associates signed on its platform and runs in 29 cities. By now, we have seen some unusual incidents where travelers have reported a disparity and more frequently than it was a case of human mistake at the driver associates end where drivers contributing a vehicle missed logging out of the application, the firm said.


With this dedicated feature, Uber likes to assure such incidents are pre-empted and hence, refused entirely. Real-time ID check hint the operators to share a selfie before going online to help the driver using the app equals the account we have on file. This avoids fraud and helps driver accounts from being composed, Uber chief security Officer Joe Sullivan said.

It also helps riders by merging another layer of responsibility into the app to ensure the right person is behind the wheel, he added. We hope that this new action will go a great distance in making our travelers and operators in the city safe and the trip will be made reliable like never before, Sullivan said.


One such India first trait is the SOS function, known as the Emergency button, which allows the traveler to connect straight away with the police control room and an internal feedback team at Uber. Uber has broadly directed and presented the feature in the US last year. The average authentication time is just a few seconds and the technology was luckily in evaluating more than 99 percent of the operators in the pilot event.


Our faith and safety team extend to bring out technologies that help the travelers and drivers safe, the post said. The feature is also being implemented in other markets such as South Africa, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and much more.

Joe ensures that Uber is uniformly developing and testing new explanation to state security for both travelers and riders.


They did a thorough pilot and US indication last year, which shows the influence of real-time ID check in quest using technology in ways not done before. In India, this is a much important move, as operators at present seem to be using a lot of hacks to overcome the system.


Uber also currently launched a set of new security features in the driver application to enhance road safety, which involves daily report to driver back how their riding patterns merge to other drivers in their city with the approach on how to offer a continuous and safer ride. It also assigns messages in the operator app warning drivers that climb their smartphone on the dashboard is secure than claiming the phone in their hand.


We have a loyal Incident Response Team to respond any immediate issues, like a crash, Uber said in a statement. If users receive a report that a rider or operator has carried out wrongly, we can easily place their account on control, restricting them from using the platform while reviewing the incident, it added.

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