The Advantages of Having Smart Glass at Your House

Does the word smart glass ring a bell? Even if it doesn’t, you have probably seen one somewhere without knowing what it is called. Smart glass is that which can function translucently and transparently according to the settings. It is controlled via a switch which may be present in the smart home or on the app in the smartphone or another device. Due to the fact, that it switches between modes it is also known as switchable glass. With the click of a button, it changes transparency. Smart glass functions the way it does thanks to the technology that is installed in it. As it is supplied electricity, it changes the amount of light that it lets pass. At home, smart glass can be fitted as a glass wall or window.

There are several benefits of installing switchable glass in smart homes systems. Some of these have been mentioned below:

Control on privacy

Since smart glass can turn opaque, it offers a lot more privacy than ordinary glass. You don’t need curtains with smart glass. At times, when you feel like enjoying the view, you can switch to transparent mode and have the outside view to yourself. All this with just a click of a button.

Control of heat and light

Another primary feature of smart glasses is that they offer you full control of how much heat and light you want to let in the morning. If the warmth of the sun is entering the room and ruining the temperature or the sun’s glare is too bright, you can switch the mode and avoid both the light and the heat.

Protection from harmful UV rays

The sun’s UV rays don’t just have an adverse impact on humans but furniture as well. A little bit of UV exposure is okay, but when it gets too much, it can have some awful effects on your home’s furniture. Smart glass enables one to stay safe from this damage.

Works as projection screen too

A smart glass can function as a smooth projection screen as well. While many people are going to home theaters smart glass can work as a make shift one too where there is limited space or another such factor.

Easy to maintain

With smart glass, the maintenance is not as difficult as it is with typical glass. It doesn’t have any curtains attached, so you aren’t required to clean those from time to time. Just an occasional wiping and all is clean. You aren’t even required to buy any cover for keeping the light out and maintaining privacy.

Cuts down the costs

With smart windows, one isn’t required to invest in blinds or other covering. As they keep the heat out the need to run the air conditioner is also less. The technology isn’t even as expensive as it once was so you could afford it as well.

Smart homes systems offer many services and conveniences. Smart glass is one of many with a wide array of benefits.

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