5 Best Applications To Monitor Your Android

Best Applications To Monitor Your Android – is a solution to show the movement of your android, ranging from battery-intensive application info, internet connection problems, junk files that are not useful in your phone, etc. there are many more functions of the Android Monitor Application. Although already using the Lightest Android Launcher, but if there are applications that move too much, it will membua your phone can also overheat, etc., therefore monitoring is needed. In monitor-monitor your favorite android posel, no matter you are an android freak or android regular user, will still need this. Well, here we will give you the 5 Best Applications To Monitor Your Android:

Mini Network Monitor: The Little Widget at Home Screen is Useful

Network Monitor Mini is an application that will make it easier for you to monitor the movement of your internet connection, from start speed download to speed upload. Also facebook video downloader apk android app for Download FB Videos Easily. So that there can know when not feeling using the internet, but the internet connection goes on, well you can find the application and decide what action will you do on that application. Its position does not take up much space, just a small statistic that you can place anywhere on your home screen, but looks cool after you install. Some transparency settings, colors, and other settings. Network Monitor Mini can be downloaded here . Mini Network Monitor entry into the Best Application To Monitor Android in our list.

System Monitor: Statistics Your Android System Information

System Monitor is deliberately entered into the list of Best Android Apps For Monitoring Android , because this is an application that has been very long there and its performance can not be doubted. Now this application has started to grow and can be seen from the interfaces that have been updated by the developer. This app still uses widgets on your home screen screen, because of the many systems that can be monitored by this application, then you will need a new home screen specifically for this application. But of course still can be tricked if you do not want to create a new home screen, simply by reducing the number of systems monitored by this application. Want to know what this app can monitor? Let the picture talk below. System Monitor can be download

Tiny Core: Minimalist widget with the important info of your phone.     

Sometimes we feel a bit risky with a home screen display full of information your system. Then maybe you need this Tiny core, a small application that can cover many things. That’s why Tiny Core we include in this article about Best Applications To Monitor Android . This application takes only a very small place, that is above your status bar, and just a line that indicates what you will display, ranging from RAM indicators, CPU Usage, Battery, and CPU Frequency. Download Tinycore.

Disk usage: Provide information very simple

Why ramble in the presentation of information if there is a simple way to display the required information. Well that’s what might be in the mind of developer “Disk Usage”, a simple application that provides information on the use of internal Memeory and external memory. Sometimes some people are lazy to read and see the numbers, now in this application will be given a graph of the storage contained in your phone. It’s easy to use and read the captions in this app, that’s because we put it in the list of Best Applications For Android Monitoring.

CPU Temperature: Check how hot your android phone

This app is worthy of our entry in this article Best Android Monitoring App. Indeed we have the palms and other limbs to feel the heat out of the running processes in our mobile phones, but sometimes the heat in some phones cannot be felt down to our limbs because the protective layer material is good. Therefore, we spawn a third-party application like “CPU Temperature”. With this app you can see when the phone is hot, what applications are running and have the possibility of making the CPU work hard to run it.

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