The Arabian Ranches is an exclusive and popular paradise located in the heart of Dubai. It offers a large variety of freehold villas and townhouses, all of which are modernly themed, with excellent access to some of the best routes to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain. The neighbourhood has over four thousand villas, has a rather large shopping center with over twenty retail outlets, a premier desert-style golf course, a world-class English speaking school, and an equestrian center.

Here are some reasons why the villas for rent in Arabian Ranches are a perfect fit for you and your family:

1: It is a Family-Oriented Neighborhood:

For those who are looking to integrate their families into the community, there are many benefits to living in the Arabian Ranches. Primarily, there are education options for families who have children of all ages. For those who have younger children, they can be enrolled in the Raffles Nursery, while the world-class Jumeirah English speaking school has primary and secondary education options. For those who have older children wanting to go to post-secondary, the American University of Dubai is a twenty-minute drive from the community or the Dubai Knowledge Village, which is an educational free trade zone campus and is just a twenty-minute drive away from the Arabian Ranches.

2: A Gated Community:

The Arabian Ranches is a gated community, so there is a huge sense of privacy among those who live there. In addition to this, the community feels extremely protected but does not feel isolated as there are cordial relationships between all of the neighbours. The community is open to both local and foreign individuals ensuring that there is plenty of diversity. There are three access points into the community, which helps keep traffic congestion to a minimum.

3: It’s Ultra-Luxurious:

The villas for rent in Arabian Ranches are considered first-class luxury due to the modern design of the villas and the amenities offered within. It is a gated community, perfect for those who work in Dubai, and has some of the best top-notch sports centers. Residents can enjoy a polo club, an Equestrian center, as well as numerous restaurants and retail shops.

In addition to these, it offers an 18-hole golf course which is considered to be one of the best in Dubai. The golf-course was designed by Ian Baker-Finch, who was the winner of the British Open Championship back in 1991. The golf club is available to all residents who buy a membership and serves international cuisine.

Other than the above advantages, the Arabian Ranches also offers comforts in the way of spacious balconies, gorgeous in-ground pools, magnificent panoramic views, tennis, and basketball courts, as well as playgrounds for children. A lot of the villas come with an extra room for any maids or drivers.

The villas for rent in Arabian Ranches come in a wide variety, ranging anywhere from two bedrooms to six bedrooms. One of the best things about this gated community though is the fact that it is incredibly quiet as it’s located away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are looking for a happy and relaxed community with a ton of amenities such as 4-star restaurants, boutique shops, cafes, and beach access, then the Arabian Ranches is just the perfect fit for you.

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