6 must-have road trip hacks to get you going

6 must-have road trip hacks to get you going
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There’re times when all you need is a weekend road trip in a rental car to unwind and rejuvenate the soul. Indeed, there isn’t a perfect place to pedal the metal than the open road where you can breathe in some clean, fresh air and feast on the unseen sites. And sometimes, you’re thankful to toss a couple of essentials at the last minute before setting off.

For some, its science to know about the road trip preparation but everyone has a unique style to plot everything from start to the end. To keep things simple, here’s a guide to organise your next road trip and prepare in the best possible way.

First, consider renting a car in Bahrain or wherever you’re heading off to as well as the type of vehicle. It’s always better to know about organising the car before beginning with the trip. General preparations might include:

  • A multi-outlet adaptor

Most of the cars nowadays come with charging sockets where you can plug in the mobile. The feature can be optional but preferred since most of us now rely on GPS navigation, in-car mobile entertainment, searching for eateries on-the-go and much more. For those travelling with the children, this is a must-have. Utilise the central console as your charging station and keep the cords organised, unlike your home.

  • The backseat shoe stow unit

Most of the drivers prefer ultimate comfort while driving and nothing can be better than wearing soft and loose footwear. But then, what about those travel shoes you’re supposed to wear? No worries as you can always stow them in the unit under the back seat. This is more important if you’re travelling with children and situations when you need to make an emergency pit stop.

  • A car cart

Some people always carry most of their belongings everywhere no matter how short the journey. This is when a car cart or tote comes in handy to store things such as books, magazine, tissue and lunch boxes, laptops and more. Simply place the cart behind the central console on the floor so that it’s easily accessible.

  • A shower caddy

Untimely hunger on the drive is the usual thing and this is when shower caddies make for creative food storage as well as prevent the items from spilling on the seats or floor. Another use is to keep the books, board games and other such stuff in an organised manner.

  • The suction cup shower organisers

You may be overwhelmed by all the shower accessories but these come in handy to store essential items in the car in an organised manner.  The suction cups can be put on the car window next to your child’s seat and stashed with different toys, colour pencils and other such playable trinkets easily.

  • A DIY trash can

Simply grab an empty cereal box (if you’ve one in your home), add a liner to it and there you have it; a perfect, compact-size garbage disposal to keep the car clean.

Whenever renting a car in Bahrain, you can ask for the add-ons at the agency or simply refer to the DIY hacks listed here.

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