4 Questions to Ask before Buy Car Tires

There’re so many things that need to be considered when it comes to picking the right tires for your car. It’s as important as thinking of mileage, fuel economy and warranty. When you step into the market, you stumble upon a ton of varieties coming from 85 tire makers worldwide marketing 230 different brands. So how do you know what’s the best one for your car?

Frankly, you don’t need to hassle to pick the ones that fit in best fit your vehicle as well as lifestyle. Just keep in mind these important questions that will help you make an informed tire-buying decision. So let’s dive in;

How Do I know if it’s the Right Time to replace tires?

For that, you are supposed to try a penny test. Get a penny, insert it into tire grooves. If more than half of it is in, you tire still has the good amount of tread left. Otherwise, it’s the right yet perfect time to replace the car tires. Keep in mind, if your tires have 2/32” of tread left, it’s legally bald and more likely to have severely reduced traction. As a result, your vehicle is unsafe for the road.

How is a tire made?

As we all know, the tires are made up from the inside out like starting at the inner side. With over 20-25 different systems in every tire, it’s manufactured using 200 different materials. There’re fabric belts – wrapped around inner liner along with steel belts. Moreover, tires have more fabric belts & other materials layered between the tread surface & inner liner. These layers noise suppression, provide strength and the ride quality.

Why are some car tires so expensive as compared to other?

Whether it’s an ordinary one or premium Brand car tyre in Sharjah, the basic cost of raw material implies to both. But the advances that are incorporated by design & production teams have a huge impact upon the price of tires especially the premium ones.

For the apparent reasons, innovations to the manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, rubber chemistry and even rubber mixing technology advancements are all closely guarded secrets. For sure, they do impact tire performance while rolling, especially when you’re braking or turning your car in different weather as well as driving conditions.  Precisely, you’ll be paying higher prices if you choose to get along with better designs & more expensive materials. 

What Do I need to Know about warranty?

Even though you buy the premium car tires, the details of the warranties are still crucial. Besides, there’re a ton of significant differences in the warranty that are added by your tire dealer. Therefore, here’re a few essential tips on what to look for in a good warranty;

  • You should be aware of the Length of coverage.
  • You must be given the Workmanship & materials guarantee. The tire and installation quality and repairs need to be covered.
  • Maintenance should be guaranteed. For example; regular inspections for wear, flat repairs, tire rotations and rebalancing etc. should be free.



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