How to Tell If Tires Are Causing Car Vibration?

When the tread of your car tires are either too low or unevenly distributed on the tire surface, it’s most likely to cause car vibration on low as well as high speeds. If your tires are not balanced, they will inevitably cause vibration in the car that’s undoubtedly going to be inconvenient for the driver. When your vehicle vibrates, it’s a signal that your car tires are defective and it’s about to come apart.

If you are willing to avoid any expensive repairs and dangerous accidents, it’s imperative that you consistently monitor & repair tires that lead to vibration. And here’s how you do it. So let’s dive in;

Check the Tire Balance

Be mindful that your car tires must be balanced if you want to keep it from vibration. You can get the car tires balanced by having the weight applied to the inner & outer rim of each tire. Then just turn the steering wheel as much as it can go to one side and check if there’re weights on both sides of each rim.

A weight might fall off the rim and result in vibration. In case you find a weight on both sides of the rim, it means you need to get the balance adjusted. Because this is one of the primary reasons why your car tires are causing vibration.

Check Damaged Rim

You can also check if the rims are damaged or not. Damage can be of any type such as breaks, bends or even cracks as they all can cause your car to vibrate. For sure, this needs to fix immediately before things turn up severe. Experts recommend that you shouldn’t try to drive on a damaged rim as this will do nothing but cause severe damage to the tire, wheel assembly and may even affect the body of your car.

Check for Tire Damage

If the rim is fine and you didn’t find any visible damage on that, it’s likely that your tires are damaged, and these defects need to be fixed. For that, you are supposed to inspect the car tire carefully and check if there’s any bubbles or bulging or not. Because these little damages not only cause your car to vibrate but can also turn things worse in severe conditions while driving. Therefore, ensure that you roll the car forward a little bit so that you can easily examine the full surface of each tire.

Inspect the Tire Tread

When we buy car tyre, we’re all set to spend enough and pick the premium stuff. But when it comes to maintenance, most of us are good at procrastination. When is the last time you had a chance to inspect your tire tread? It’s essential to get your car tires rotated regularly to keep the tread from wearing unevenly. So make sure you check the tread. In case it’s worn down more on one side than the other, perhaps that’s what is causing your car to vibrate and can even pull to one side of the road as well. Just get it fixed as soon as possible.


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