Top six traits of an exceptional recruiter

Employment recruiters are major players who match employee skills to the jobs they’re most qualified for. Companies always demand for highly qualified candidates which is why they turn to recruitment agencies and furnish their requirements. It’s your skill set and education that would decide whether you’re fit to be a recruiter after graduating college. If you like to work as a recruiter or need to know about must-have skills, don’t miss reading this post. Active listener & confidence Recruitment consultants must be great listeners to understand the requisites of both…

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Key reasons an employer should work with an employment agency

recruitment agency

Whether being a startup with limited financial resources or an established multinational firm, identifying an ideal candidate even to shortlist for an interview is difficult after scanning hundreds of CVs received against a job advert posted in the career section of the company website and in online and offline classified sections. When it comes to hire a highly skilled staff across the borders, business owners have to be more cautious. As recruiting has no longer remained a routine staffing, rather it becomes a crucial responsibility. You can’t randomly pick up…

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